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BENZ Shiny Metallic soft foam ball set
(tax incl.)
The soft foam BENZ Metallic Ball Set for gymnastics. 15 glittering soft foam balls with a diameter 152 mm. 1 x BENZ ball bag for storing the balls. Take advantage of the price advantage compared to single purchase.
Soft Foam Football
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For play, leisure and training purposes. Surface washable, can be disinfected, hygienic, highly durable, high abrasion resistance, never loses air.
Dragonskin neon foam ball set of 6
(tax incl.)
The Dragonskin neon foam ball with elephant skin is very soft. Easy jumping. Ideal for the beach, the garden, the gym or the apartment! You do NOT include heavy metals, softeners or PVC. They are the only balls in the world that glow in fast ecological neon colors!