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Belt tensioner
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For badminton racks standard. Two-piece, with clamp, both ends with hooks. Polyester tape 25 mm wide, clamping lock side: 25 cm strap. Strap with hook: 120 cm strap.
Netzaufwickel cars
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Is permanently fixed, collapsible steel construction for easy, fast and effective assembly and disassembly of Badminton and Volleyball Long net assets.
Badminton double post, detached
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Badminton double post detached, rollable. Steel pole of square tube 40/40 mm as registered design-exclusive stand. Post spacing by first writing (= 500 mm). Plugged into steel base (weight: about 65 kg) with 2 wide heavy duty castors for easy ground-friendly transport. Delivery without power and without spanner belt.
Textbook badminton at school
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Information Teaching portfolio with rich illustrations about the world of badminton sport. Numerous examples of game features, game modes and rules. 78 pages.
umpire's chair
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Tubular steel construction with write board and plastic shell seat, painted silver. Collapsible for space-saving storage.
Grip Gripsy Classic
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About winding band with a unique feel - non-slip, absorbent, shock and vibration-absorbing, prevents blisters and calluses, cooling effect, long life. 1.10 m long, 26 mm wide, 0.5 mm thick. Blister pack 4 grip tape.
Score Scoreboard
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Table counting for different sports. Scoreboard 0-36, block display 0-5. Both sides to read. Dimensions: 38.5 x 21 x 3.5 cm. Character height: 10.4 cm (outside) and 5.4cm (center).
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Pneumatic transport unit to transport the multi-game stand and badminton racks exclusive.