Badminton Training Network
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Training mesh of nylon about 1.0 mm thick and 6.02 m wide and 76 cm high. White mesh 18 mm, nylon Guyline 4.0 mm thick, 6.60 m long.
Badminton Training net Olympia
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Long power champion from about 1.2 mm polypropylene, black. White mesh 18 mm. Net length as desired. Length of the Kevlar rope: net length + 0.60 m. Price per meter.
umpire's chair
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Tubular steel construction with write board and plastic shell seat, painted silver. Collapsible for space-saving storage.
Netzaufwickel cars
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Is permanently fixed, collapsible steel construction for easy, fast and effective assembly and disassembly of Badminton and Volleyball Long net assets.
Bisi badminton racket
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<p> Bisi school concept (B = Badminton I = Into S = Schools I = Initiative). The basic idea of ​​the BISI concept is to teach beginners the optimal stroke technique. A special Bisi racket series was developed to meet this requirement. All Bisi clubs are equipped with new learning handles - this makes incorrect stick position impossible. </p>
Badminton rackets Shiva
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Balanced competition racket with outstanding playability for a controlled and energetic game, only 84 g in weight! Carbon / graphite, length 670 mm, 10 mm frame, steamed PU handle. Convincing price-performance ratio.
Badminton Funny Set
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10 x badminton rackets Benz Funny Strike. 6-Dose nylon shuttlecocks. Badminton Bag for 10 rackets
Badminton net set
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3 badminton tournament networks Olympia, which are mounted m ready to play with continuous Kevlar rope 23 composed.
Belt tensioner
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For badminton racks standard. Two-piece, with clamp, both ends with hooks. Polyester tape 25 mm wide, clamping lock side: 25 cm strap. Strap with hook: 120 cm strap.
Textbook badminton at school
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Information Teaching portfolio with rich illustrations about the world of badminton sport. Numerous examples of game features, game modes and rules. 78 pages.
VICTOR mini badminton net premium
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High-quality, very stable and height-adjustable multi-function network for badminton, tennis or even football tennis. The self-standing network is easy to set up and is safe and sound on any surface.
Grip Gripsy Classic
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About winding band with a unique feel - non-slip, absorbent, shock and vibration-absorbing, prevents blisters and calluses, cooling effect, long life. 1.10 m long, 26 mm wide, 0.5 mm thick. Blister pack 4 grip tape.
Super Multi Stand
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Affixed measuring scale with markings for :. Prellball, 2 / 4p (35/40 cm). Tennis (107 cm). Tenniquoits (150 cm). Badminton (155 cm). Fistball (200 cm). Women volleyball (224 cm). Volleyball Men (243 cm)
Badminton net set
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2 badminton tournament networks Olympia, which are mounted m ready to play with continuous Kevlar rope 15 composed.
Badminton post Mega
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The power plant is stressed by simply loading the extension strap with body weight. Guyline is merely pressed into the terminal and the system is ready to play.
Badminton net set
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4, which are mounted m ready to play with continuous Kevlar rope on 31 consisting badminton tournament networks Olympia.
Badminton double post, detached
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Badminton double post detached, rollable. Steel pole of square tube 40/40 mm as registered design-exclusive stand. Post spacing by first writing (= 500 mm). Plugged into steel base (weight: about 65 kg) with 2 wide heavy duty castors for easy ground-friendly transport. Delivery without power and without spanner belt.
badminton post
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From thick-walled steel tubing with new height limit for setting the respective consistently correct, net height
Victor Badminton School Sports Set
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Set of 20 badminton rackets AL 2200, 4 doses Nylon Shuttlecocks 6 pieces (speed medium), Bag College Bag, brochure with rules and exercise instructions, game rules Posters in A2 format and instructional DVD.
Badminton racks exclusive
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Side bar is inserted into the groove provided and tensioned tension cable. All the fastening means to tension conventional nets are attached.
Badminton Stand Standard
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Free-standing, mobile stand, separable, 38 kg. easy to transport by means of a 2-rolls. With rubber buffer to protect the hall floor. Without Spanner.
Badminton Set Champion
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Consisting of: 2 rackets with aluminum frame and hardened steel shaft with soft-grip tape, covered with strong Lawntexsaiten, 2 shuttlecocks with cork head and carrying case with shoulder strap.
Badminton rackets Victor ST-1650
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A very durable racquet, ideal for beginners rackets, whether for leisure and school. Beginners and school sports racquet made of hardened steel with classical head shape and multifilament synthetic string, about 115 g.