BENZ - Blackline

Competition handball goal BENZ Blackline - certified IHF
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Competition handball goal BENZ Blackline - certified IHF Complettely welded aluminium frame The ultimate goal for performance-oriented handball sport Special aluminum profile including additional reinforcement Incl. Frame corner reinforcements (inlays) 6-point fixing on the sports-floor (Fixing by using floor-plates (art.-no. 41211) + screws (art.-no. 41214) According to DIN EN 749 IHF certified Handball goal dimensions: width: 3.00m height: 2.00m gate depth: 1.25m
Competition handball goal BENZ Blackline - goal net 5mm IHF
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Made of high-strength 5mm thick black polypropylene. 3.10 m wide, 2.10 m high, above 80 cm, below 1m deep, mesh size 10 cm. With an additional lower tensioning line to prevent a alipping through of the ball between the goal frame and mesh in the bottom-area. Equipped with an additional tether line around the outer rows of stitches.
floor tiles
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For handball goals (indoor) and sports equipment, chrome-plated surface. When ordering soil type and structure specify. Depending gate four floor tiles are needed. Ø 75mm.