Mini Handball Goals

Mini-handball goal
(tax incl.)
160 x 300 cm, cm goal depth 100th Finish as the 3 x 2 m-gates with foldable steel net supports. Excellent addition to the large doors, if not continuously additionally up Torlatten for youth goals in club or school or to be dismantled. Floor attachment required. No power.
Mini crossbar (patented)
(tax incl.)
m for installation on Handball Goals 3 x2. For school sport goals should be reduced to 3 m x 1.60. Additional bar is mounted by means of fitting parts between goalposts. Emerging gap is (supplied) by small network closed. The simple design faster and more convenient assembly and disassembly.
Handball Al-St 3x2m, goal depth 75cm
(tax incl.)
Handball Minitor Al-St 2,40x1,70m, goal depth 75cm posts + crossbar from Aluspezialprofil 8x8 cm, surface anodized, black lacquered boxes - not a film - with retractable painted steel net supports, power is suspended freely between the net supports, every goal has 4 tabs for fixing to the floor, complete with end caps + net hooks. - packed in cardboard - without mounting B I T T E A B E C E T H N: doors must necessarily be attached to the floor, otherwise risk of accident