Floorball / Floorball set Campus
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Perfect school rackets made of coated fiberglass with Classic Campus Base Grip. Specially designed straight stick blade with a long shelf life and excellent game properties, playable for left and right. 6 blue and red 6 bats, 12 balls and racket bag. IFF-approved
Floorball Practice band 20 x 10 m
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The perfect floorball training bands for indoor use. The material is made of highly resistant polypropylene. In the free-standing structure all the parts in the plug method quickly and accurately connected.
Unihoc Classic ACE 32
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The Classic ACE 32 is a high quality carbon-bat for schools and clubs. A perfect ball control and optimal passes are guaranteed with this Floorball stick. The Competition bat is very robust and ensures long fun. Lightweight shaft made of carbon composite, high-quality X-ercise grip.
Benz - Floorball stick set "Hobby"
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Floorball stick set "Hobby" consisting of: 6 gray / yellow and 6 gray / red rackets, 6 balls and racket bag, shaft length 80 cm, particularly suitable for beginners and children, for body sizes from 141-150 cm
Benz - Floorball stick set "Excalibur"
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Floorball stick set "Excalibur" consisting of: 6 black / yellow and 6 black / red sticks, 6 balls and stick bag, shaft length 70 cm, flexible stick made of PVC, particularly suitable for children, for body sizes from 120-140 cm
Benz - Floorball stick "Elite"
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Floorball stick "Elite", Ø 2.3 cm, for right side players, different shaft lengths, made of graphite with a reinforced glass fiber insert. Included fast switch blade for left side player.