Chess, Checkers, Mill Outdoor

Ground-Dame game pieces
(tax incl.)
2 x 12 blocks of white and black plastic, diameter 25 cm, height 8 cm. Stones are stackable and can thus be used as a lady. With the supplied Alustäben two superimposed set stones can be moved easily.
Chess / checkers game field
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Consisting transportable from 64 zusammenknöpfbaren two-color single fields from weather-resistant plastic, each panel 35 x 35 cm, field size 28 x 28 cm.
Backgammon case, Raven, (L x B x H) of 37 x 24 x 5 cm
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Backgammon case, Raven, (L x B x H) of 37 x 24 x 5 cm black on the outside, inside gray / black / beige, mm with tiles made of synthetic resin Ø 27, 1.35 kg, 2 x oval Würfelbecher and 2 each x dice in black / beige, 1 x doubler cube
Chess pieces XL maxi, black and white, king height 63 cm
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Chessmen XL maxi, black and white, King height 63 cm, (diameter of the base throughout the figures 24 cm), Bauer (41 cm), Springer (46 cm), tower (41 cm), runners (53 cm), Queen (59 cm) , King (63 cm), polystyrene, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, weather-resistant, UV-resistant