Therapy Balls

Redondo® ball Plus
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With its soft soft and grippy surface, it is comfortable to use and provides security for balance exercises
Powerball Premium ABS
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ABS-balls are designed so that the air escapes in an injury from the outside only slowly at the damaged site and can not popping the ball - this is the anti-burst system. Pleasant textured surface with segment division. Latex-free.
Redondo Ball Touch
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The Redondo-Ball Touch is a stability ball with soft nubs. It is absolutely versatile and suitable for different fitness exercises
Sit'n-GYM - Ball
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Sitting on balls helps in school, work and leisure for active health promotion. The ball is also used in the back training in various institutions to prevent posture problems. Accidental rolling of the ball is prevented by the rubber ridges on the bottom.
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Popular gymnastic balls for schools, clubs and physiotherapy. cast from strong plastic, very sturdy.
MyBall® with Actisan
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Color anthracite. The large fitness ball is a classic and is part of the studio-standard equipment. Now hygienic, versatile and can be used effectively in group training and on the free surface. Super bouncy, good size stability and grip, doppelgerillter surface. Load capacity kg to about 500th
Stack aid kit
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Set of 3 transparent rings, of heat and cold-resistant plastic, for large and Pezzibälle to Ø 75 cm, saving a space for storage.
Space hopper
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Of plastic, with 2 unbreakable, cast in one piece handles. Ø 50 cm. The Hüpfball is particularly suitable for promoting general endurance and flexibility. In Dekokarton, with instructions for use. .
pendulum Ball®
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Pendulum Ball is a new, absolutely safe and inflatable, training and therapy. The extraordinary the pendulum ball is its oval shape. It provides the trainee more contact surface and at the same time he has an enlarged contact surface to the bottom - the pendulum ball does not roll away! Ideal therapy device for back problems.
Book Functional Figurtraining
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Ball Cushion - Brasil - Powerball. This book describes exercises with the best equipment for functional training figure: the Dynair pillows, the TOGU Brasil's and the Powerball. Numerous exercises guarantee a varied workout. 216 pages with 438 color photos. Author: Gabi Fastner
Anti-Burst Gym Ball
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Made of high elastic plastic. Rugged and secure, as in the case of external damage to the air escapes slowly.