Basketball Spalding TF 250 DBB
(tax incl.)
Basketball Spalding TF 250 DBB. Made of durable composite leather. Improved, smoother surface with excellent grip, good playing characteristics and durability. With official DBB logo.
Colibri Supersoft Basketball
(tax incl.)
The super soft texture of the foamed material avoids painful ball contacts. For children, therapy, rehabilitation and seniors sport. Durable, durable and always nachregulierbar through the needle valve.
Basketball Spalding TF 500 DBB
(tax incl.)
High-quality match ball for the club or school, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The robust, abrasion-resistant surface made of composite leather with Wide Channel Design very offers good playability - even during intensive basketball game. Excellent grip, for perfect ball control when dribbling and throwing. With official DBB logo.
Basketball Rucanor netmaster III
(tax incl.)
Training and match ball of nylon cord material with improved grip. Corresponds in design, size and weight the International Regulations for club and school sports.
Basketball Mikasa Permalast 1500
(tax incl.)
Competition ball of the highest class with DBB Seal for indoor and outdoor nylon cord fabric. High Handy and dimensionally stable. Circumference 75-78 cm, weight g approx 620th
Basketball Mikasa BR
(tax incl.)
Durable basketball for training and leisure. The surface consists of a special rubber sheath grip nubs construction