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Quick Hit 8 X 8
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Quick-Hit ist ein tragbares MultisportÜbungs- und Schlagnetz. Quick-Hit bietet ein großes quadratisches Ziel - perfekt für eineffektives Abschlag- oder Zieltraining. Schneller und einfacher Aufbau in nur 2 Minuten.
Mini Fußball-Tennis Set “UNIVERSAL“
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Fußball-Tennis: Ideal zur Verbesserung von Ballgefühl und Orientierung beim Fußball. Das Set kann auf Kunst-und Echtrasen sowie Steinboden verwendet werden, sehr gute Stabilität, sehr leichter Auf- und Abbau.
Benz Neopren Wurfstern Set
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Der BENZ Wurfstern aus Neopren lässt sich über große Distanzen werfen und ohne Verletzungsgefahr fangen. Seine wasserresistente Neoprenhaut sorgt für einen guten Grip. Spielespaß garantiert. Das Set beinhaltet 2 Wurfsterne in den Farben blau und orange.
inline Storm
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Adjustable quality child / youth-liner. Semi-soft boot with anatomically shaped insole. Powerstrap and quick lacing. Roll holder made of high quality ALU with ABEC 7 bearings and hi-rebound wheels. Safety buckle and instep-heel fixation with Velcro.
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Roller and skate board at the same time. Steered by shifting your weight. Super racer on 4 wheels for children and adults. Fast, agile, athletic, very handy, straightforward, extremely stable even when used with adults.
Scooter Jumbo
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High-quality rollerball pen-green, aluminum alloy, with 100 kg load capacity and rear friction brake. Safe folding mechanism. Foldable, height adjustable handlebar of 72 - cm 98th Length about 98 cm, tread approx 33 x 11 cm. Roles of cast PU, ball bearings ABEC 5 Carbon Steel, wheels with 200 mm. Weight 4.0 kg. Package dimensions: 90 x 33 x 1050 mm.
kazari Scooter
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2 rear wheels with aluminum suspension, non-slip grip tape deck with extra space for more control. Large front wheel, Ø 145 mm. ABEC-5 bearings, dual rear brake system. Aluminum handlebar with ergonomically shaped handles.
Wave Board Power Surfer JD Bug
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Particularly well suited for beginners who are found on conventional wave boards too little support. With it also further arches let go, so that you can reach significantly higher speeds.
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Stunt scooter for cool moves and freestyle tricks in halfpipe, street and skate park. It convinces with high-quality materials and robust processing. Due to the extremely strong 360 ° -Steuerungssatz great maneuverability is achieved.
Scooter XC 145
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Sturdy aluminum scooter with large 145mm PU wheels and ABEC 5 bearings for an ideal driving experience. Soft padded grips on the handlebars provide a comfortable and handy control of the scooter.
Longboard surfers drop shape Blue 42 "
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The multi-ply wood makes for a good flex and easy to master driving characteristics. The deep shifted focus of this Longboards suitable for drifts and slides. The board provides for advanced beginners and for a lot of fun. Dimensions: 105 x 24.5 x 12.5 cm, weight: 3.9 kg, load 100 kg.
Longboard drop shape Bamboo 42 "
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A longboard from Canadian Maple deck there was mm on four Hi.-rebound wheels, 70 x 51, mounted 7/7 "bearings with ABEC and is equipped with aluminum axles. The board provides for beginners and advanced for a lot of fun.