Unihoc® floorball goalkeeper mask
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<p> The floorball goalkeeper mask: individually adjustable. The IFF certified floorball goalkeeper mask is supplied in one size and fits through the foam pads for players from 10 years. If the helmet is too big, the supplied foam pads can be glued into the helmet to adjust the size accordingly. </p>
Floorball / Floorball set Campus
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Perfect school rackets made of coated fiberglass with Classic Campus Base Grip. Specially designed straight stick blade with a long shelf life and excellent game properties, playable for left and right. 6 blue and red 6 bats, 12 balls and racket bag. IFF-approved
Benz - Floorball stick set "Hobby"
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Floorball stick set "Hobby" consisting of: 6 gray / yellow and 6 gray / red rackets, 6 balls and racket bag, shaft length 80 cm, particularly suitable for beginners and children, for body sizes from 141-150 cm
Benz - Floorball stick set "Excalibur"
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Floorball stick set "Excalibur" consisting of: 6 black / yellow and 6 black / red sticks, 6 balls and stick bag, shaft length 70 cm, flexible stick made of PVC, particularly suitable for children, for body sizes from 120-140 cm
replacement blades
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Franklin SX / SH Comp, made of plastic with fiberglass, easy to assemble. Including self-tapping screws.
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Sturdy tubular steel, foldable, space-saving storage. Incl. Network 4 mm PE-round rope, meshes 4 cm x 4mm. With ground anchor for additional fixing in the lawn.
Street hockey goal
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Stable metal pipe with quick fasteners for easy assembly, Incl. Polyester mesh with Velcro fasteners.
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For easy transportation of hockey tape parts. Sturdy steel frame construction with 2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors. Max. Load 10 band parts.
Floorball Practice band 20 x 10 m
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The perfect floorball training bands for indoor use. The material is made of highly resistant polypropylene. In the free-standing structure all the parts in the plug method quickly and accurately connected.
Hockeyball (PVC)
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Hockey ball with a diameter of 68 mm. Material PVC. Ideal for playing indoors and outdoors.
Indoor hockey boards
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Wood, three-layered, glued, no distortion, m 20 parts to individual lengths of 4, with plastic plugs at the bottom
Floorball band 24 x 14 m
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The IFF certified floorball band with a rectangular field in a size of 24 x 14 m is 0.5 m high bands and rounded corners. The material is made of highly resistant polypropylene. The exchange areas are marked with opposite colors.
Indoor hockey boards
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Wood, m 20 pieces in individual lengths of 4, with plastic plugs at the bottom, with sloping a side towards the field
Unihoc Classic ACE 32
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The Classic ACE 32 is a high quality carbon-bat for schools and clubs. A perfect ball control and optimal passes are guaranteed with this Floorball stick. The Competition bat is very robust and ensures long fun. Lightweight shaft made of carbon composite, high-quality X-ercise grip.
Street hockey puck
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Extreme Color from extremely impact-resistant vinyl, for smooth play areas (indoor and outdoor). Color on the stock.
Hockey set Play
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Homogeneous plastic rackets with solid lobe formation in competition format. Training equipment for young and old. Consisting of: 6 red-black and 6 yellow-black bats and 2 balls and 1 hole Ball Bounce No.