Beach volleyball pitch Marking Set
(tax incl.)
9 x 18 m, adjustable to 8 x 16 m, dark blue. With adjustable plastic corner pieces, 50 mm wide PES webbing and central marking. Incl. 4 plastic anchors (23 cm long) and bungee tension lines.
Beach volleyball Three Stars
(tax incl.)
Leatherette with soft PVC material. Trendy design in blue / white / yellow. Good playing characteristics, weather and water resistant. Official dimensions and weight.
Volleyball Mikasa Beach Champ VLS 300
(tax incl.)
Official ball of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the FIVB World Tour, the CEV European Championship Tour etc. DVV Official Approval, Official FIVB approved. 10-part ball casing of the finest Micro-material for maximum control of the ball and a pleasant contact with the skin. Circumference 66-68 cm, weight 260-280 g.
Volleyball Mikasa Beach Champ VXT30
(tax incl.)
Replica Ball of the official match ball VLS300 new design for better visibility. 10-piece ball case with revolutionary panel shape from high quality synthetic leather, machine sewn, for optimum shape and seam stability. Double-Butylgummiblase and perfectly sealing special valve. Circumference 66-68 cm, weight 260-280 g.
Beach volleyball competition net
(tax incl.)
Volleyball net 8.5 x 1.0 m. Mesh width 10 cm, 3 mm polyester, knotless, black. M above with Kevlar rope 10.7, below 4 mm thick tensioning cable, fiber optic polyester edge reinforcement, 4-point suspension and 4 tensioning cords with snap closure. With DVV Beach 1 Round 80 mm yellow edging.
Beach-Volleyball Pro Beach Competition V2
(tax incl.)
Der Pro Beach Competition V2 zeichnet sich durch seine neues Design und seine besondere Beschaffenheit aus. Das Beachdesign und seine hervorragenden Spieleigenschaften machen aus Ihm einen exzellenten Beachvolleyball.
Volleyball post Camping (pair)
(tax incl.)
Two very stable game posts of galvanized, powder-coated steel tube (80 x 80 mm) for camping and unattended locations. Height adjustable from 1500-2430 mm net height, with different network attachment points. Tensioner Galvanized turnbuckle is completely covered by a metal cover and secured with padlock (not included).
Leisure Center Fun Volley
(tax incl.)
For recreational players and the whole family. Stable three-piece tubular steel net posts, 9.5 m long leisure network with stable network edge. With strong pegs and wide straps. Incl. convenient carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap.
Volleyball leisure complex Beach Masters
(tax incl.)
Stable investment for hobby and school sports. Lightweight plastic pole with connector hold the 9.50 m long leisure network. Height adjustable from 2.43 to 2.24 m. Strong elastic straps with clamp lock and sturdy pegs. Incl. Carrying case.
Beach volleyball grille
(tax incl.)
12 x 15 m of polyethylene fabric, green, MW 1 mm. For the clean beach volleyball court. Optimum protection against animal dirt, trash and leaves. Air and water permeable, not Old-be of the sand. ""
volleyball net
(tax incl.)
Proven, vandal-inflammatory network for unattended recreational places. 5 mm thick, green Hercules rope. MW 10 cm, mesh size of 1.0 x 9.5 m, according to international regulations. With anti-theft turnbuckles for attachment to the post. Without post.
Beach Volleyball Yard Line
(tax incl.)
for the leisure sector, 9 m x 18 mm polyester webbing 25, red. Wound on a plastic reel, with loops at each corner. Incl. 4 ground anchors.
Volleyball competition facility Beach Champ
(tax incl.)
For advanced and the club area. With plastic stakes, high-quality beach net with fiberglass poles, rotating bezel and Kevlar rope. Height adjustable from 2.43 to 2.24 m. Strong elastic straps with clamp and stable pegs. Incl. Carrying case.
Volleyball Wettkampfanlage Pro-Beach
(tax incl.)
Für den Competition- und Profibereich. Stabile Alupfosten, gelb pulverbeschichtet. Netzhöhe kann individuell auf 2,24 m, 2,35 m oder 2,42 m eingestellt werden. Hochwertiges Beachnetz mit eingearbeiteten Glasfiberstäben, umlaufende Einfassung und Kevlarseil. Starke Spanngurte mit Klemmschloss und stabilen Erdnägeln. Inkl. Transporttasche.