Volleyball, Molten V5M2000
(tax incl.)
Training ball made of soft synthetic leather in the new design, machine sewn, extremely durable, ideal for beginners and the school training
(tax incl.)
Pneumatic transport unit to transport the multi-game stand and badminton racks exclusive.
Volleyball, School Light
(tax incl.)
Perfect as exercise and training ball for children and adolescents. Newly developed, very soft, blue-white TPE surface material
Volleyball, Premium Soft Touch
(tax incl.)
Top competition ball made of seamless gefügtem 18-piece, soft, micro-fiber PU material in yellow / white / red. Excellent playability. FIVB approved, certification DVV1.
Storage device for net posts (Set of 2)
(tax incl.)
Storage device for net posts or stretching columns, horizontal bars and other devices. Galvanized surface, runs with plastic covering. Maximum load per boom 40 kg. fit on a boom 1 pair net posts.
Multi-game stand
(tax incl.)
Mobile, free-standing, ground sleeve-independent multi-game system for Prellball, tennis, ring tennis, badminton, and volleyball Fistball.
Volleyball MOLTEN Paket
(tax incl.)
Das Volleyballpaket MoltenSet Gr. 5 besteht aus 4 x Molten Volleyball V5M4800 weiß/rot/grün, 1 x Volleyball V5M5000 Molten Flistatec/1 weißt/weinrot/grün, 1 x BENZ Ballsack
Volleyball Premium Paket
(tax incl.)
Das Premium Paket für Verein und Schule. 4x Smash 2000 DVV, 1x Champion Soft Touch und eine BENZ Balltasche mit einem Fassungsvermögen von für bis zu 5 Bällen. Ballgröße 5.