Ball Caddy
(tax incl.)
Transport and storage trolley for balls, collapsible. Lightweight aluminum poles with black mesh, mobile. Space-saving storage. When folded, only 15 x 13 x 86 cm open 66 x 66 x 86 cm (L x W x H). For 20-25 balls.
BENZ Schulpaket
(tax incl.)
Das BENZ Schulpaket ist mit super Bällen für die Ballsportarten Basketball, Handball, Fußball, Football, Volleyball und den beliebten Multibällen für einen Allround-Einsatz ausgestattet. Inkl. BENZ Ballsack für die Aufbewahrung der Bälle.
Magnetisches Taktik Board Universal
(tax incl.)
Kunststoffmappe mit Folieneinschüben und Fach für die magnetischen Spielsymbole. 9 Spielfelder gedruckt auf unzerreißbarer, weißer, magnetischer und abwischbarer Folie für 9 Sportarten. Fußball, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Eishockey, Rugby, American Football und Tennis, sowie einem blanko Whiteboard.
Volleyball Premium Paket
(tax incl.)
Das Premium Paket für Verein und Schule. 4x Smash 2000 DVV, 1x Champion Soft Touch und eine BENZ Balltasche mit einem Fassungsvermögen von für bis zu 5 Bällen. Ballgröße 5.
Volleyball MOLTEN Paket
(tax incl.)
Das Volleyballpaket MoltenSet Gr. 5 besteht aus 4 x Molten Volleyball V5M4800 weiß/rot/grün, 1 x Volleyball V5M5000 Molten Flistatec/1 weißt/weinrot/grün, 1 x BENZ Ballsack
Volleyball umpire's chair Standard
(tax incl.)
Stable tubular steel construction in modern synthetic resin paint fixed standing platform, height 120 cm. Platform is firmly connected to a clamping device with the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transport through two built-in wheels.
Volleyball net posts
(tax incl.)
Galvanized steel tube, length 2.90 m, diameter 76 mm vonSpannseilen to fasten with network bracket as a center post with double-sided hook. Weight about 21 kg.
Volleyball net posts
(tax incl.)
Galvanized steel tube, length 2.90 m, diameter 76 mm with network support, without tension winch. Weight 20 kg.
Volleyball net posts
(tax incl.)
Galvanized steel tube, length 2.90 m, diameter 76 mm. Complete with spindle tension winch to rectilinear distortion. Weight 21 kg.
Volleyball Multi post Quick + Easy
(tax incl.)
The volleyball Multi post Quick + Easy is equipped with a pulley-Schnellspannvorichtung, for very simple and fast clamping ball nets and therefore ideal for school sports. Extra long Netzspannweg of 78 cm. Height adjustment and locking cocked power infinitely possible. Height scale for volleyball, fist ball, Indiaca, Prellball etc. Thick-walled aluminum special profile 80 mm x 80th Bottomless sleeve. ""
Volleyball Multi post Quick + Easy Einhängeseite
(tax incl.)
The Einhängepfosten consists of special aluminum profile 80 x 80 mm. It is used for fast, safe clamping of the networks and is equipped with a glued-level scale for the main ball sports. Total weight about 15 kg. According to EN 1271. Delivery without ground sleeves.
Volleyball tournament net Smash DVV 1
(tax incl.)
Topmodell (knots) with 4 mm polypropylene, 6-point suspension (according to international regulation), Kevlar rope (about 5 mm, 11.7 m long) and pulleys. Improves uniform tension of the network because the network and Kevlar rope be tensioned simultaneously.
Volleyball tournament net DVV 2
(tax incl.)
3 mm polypropylene, knotless, with steel cable, Ø 4 mm, 11.7m long. 4-point suspension with 4 guy lines and quick release. Top PES webbing, 70 mm wide. Below PES webbing, 50 mm wide. Laterally stitched stabilizing bars. Mesh size 100 mm. Network measurement 9.5 m x 1 m. According to international standard.
game posts
(tax incl.)
For various ball games, pipe Ø mm 76th With two adjustable hooks. Bottomless sleeve..
game posts
(tax incl.)
Special aluminum profile, 80 x 80 mm. With two adjustable hooks. Bottomless sleeve..
Wall Game rail
(tax incl.)
For plugging with two adjustable eyelets and flush installation in side and end walls of gymnasiums.
Volleyball net post master, DVV1, mullions hooks on both sides
(tax incl.)
Thick-walled dimensioned special aluminum profile, 80 x 80 mm, silver anodized kg Total weight approx 15 °. Patented. With, according to EN 1271, Completely internal corrosion-resistant clamping mechanism without protruding parts. Tensioning winch with high thread pitch, characterized rapid and safe clamping of the network without much effort. Additionally integrated visual indication when reaching the vorgeschr. Mains voltage of 1000 N. height adjustment for fully tensioned mesh (1000 N = 100 kg). Operating with removable crank. Netzspannösen for all networks. Bottomless sleeve.
Volleyball net height bar
(tax incl.)
Aluminum profile: 40 x 20 mm, height: 2.52 m, height scale mm in 5 pitch. Can also be used as a benchmark for other cord or power games.
Volleyball umpire's chair Exclusive
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Sturdy tubular steel construction in modern synthetic paint and easy height adjustment of the standing platform of 120-150 cm. Pedestal is connected with a clamping device having the volleyball column, characterized absolutely stable. Easy transportation 2 built wheels. Has been tested by the volleyball Review Committee and recommended.
Spindle tensioning winch
(tax incl.)
Closed steel construction for standard post with Ø 76 mm for linear cable tension - no tension cable wear. For security senior volleyball facilities should be upgraded to this fixture.
Volleyball Long net 3 mm
(tax incl.)
3.0 mm Polypropylene, black, without knots. Up with webbing. Length of the Kevlar rope: net length + 2 m. Net length as desired. Price per meter.
Multi-game stand
(tax incl.)
Mobile, free-standing, ground sleeve-independent multi-game system for Prellball, tennis, ring tennis, badminton, and volleyball Fistball.
(tax incl.)
Pneumatic transport unit to transport the multi-game stand and badminton racks exclusive.