BB-Outdoor Facilities

Basket assurance for basketball hoop
(tax incl.)
Heavy duty, galvanized. The massive bar is simply pushed onto the basketball hoop, secured with a bolt and completed with a safety lock. Prevents temporarily as during rest periods or overnight in residential areas recording on basketball equipment.
Basketball conditioning set Optima
(tax incl.)
Very stable, hot-dip galvanized outdoor facility, heavy gauge square steel tubing, 150 x 150 mm, projection 165 cm. Incl. Aluminum target board, 90 x 120 cm, coated rigid basketball hoop and security chain network.
Basketball fan system set
(tax incl.)
Completely galvanized, stable free-system made of rectangular steel tube (10 x 10 cm), projection 165 cm, board fixture with fine adjustment
Basketball Unit Set
(tax incl.)
Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe (Ø 76 mm), projection 50 cm, basket height 3.05 m. Incl. GRP target board, 90 x 120 cm, powder-coated basket, counterplate and network (6 mm nylon). Stable board mounting directly on the column.
Basketball aluminum plant (mobile)
(tax incl.)
Base and jib each welded in one piece, cm projection 165th Easy transportation 2 height-adjustable steering wheels. High stability due to lowered weight recording. When not in use or storm the target board can be tilted. Counterweights (about 200 kg) not included. Without backboard, hoop and net.
ground socket
(tax incl.)
Galvanized, for indoor and outdoor. Suitable for columns made of rectangular steel tubing, 10 cm x 10th