BB Hall Facilities

Ceiling system according to FIBA
(tax incl.)
Basketball ceiling scaffold according to pulled up to 7.00 m ceiling height, tubular steel frame with hinges to the back of the hall ceiling. The steel pipes are phosphated and coated with two-component lacquer DD. issued. No engine, fall protection and backboard.
Stem BB competition blankets plant
(tax incl.)
Stem for BB-FIBA ceiling system in reinforced design in error DIN vestärkt 7922 and strutted with board frame of steel square tube 50 x 50 mm for attachment of a target board and upholstery. The basket is attached directly to the frame and transmit loads with dunks on the board. --Superstabile Ausführung--
Electric winch
(tax incl.)
For BB-competition-ceiling system according to FIBA ??rules, with built-in limit switches.
Ceiling system according to DIN
(tax incl.)
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For main and cross the field, according to. pulled up with an electric motor to the ceiling. Steel frame in hinged storage. Height of 6.88 m to 7.38 m. No engine, stem, backboard, basket, net and tie replacement.