Leisure Games

Beach and Funball, size. 5
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Beach and Funball, Size 5, Ø 21cm, 290g. This neoprene-coated ball can be emotional and play goal- accurate. Perfectly usable also in the water. Sorted by color.
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The air-filled RelaxeBag, the new and innovative lifestyle product to be able to relax all perfect. The air bed is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Perfect for the festival season, the lake, the garden, anywhere in seconds filled with air and ready to relax.
Velcro dartboard "Kids"
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Velcro dartboard "Kids", Ø 36 cm, with 6 Velcro balls, weight 0.12 kg, front with DINO motifs (design for boys), back with bees and birds (design for girls)
Flying Ring Pocket Mini
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<p> A vinyl flight ring with an attractive COLOR PRO look. Made from flexible and foldable vinyl, comfortable and easy to catch </p>
Boomerang cassini
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The boomerang ensures a lot of fun on vacation or when traveling. Due to its special elasticity and stability, the article is ideal for children, but of course also very popular with adults.
Indiaca tennis set
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2 special racket and the Indiaca Play make the badminton a versatile recreational fun. Rules enclosed.
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Bewegungssticks bieten eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, um motorische und kognitive Grundlagen für Kinder von 3 bis 10 Jahren zu schaffen. Entspannungsübungen, Aufwärmen, Lauf- und Fangspiele, Geschicklichkeits- und Kooperationsspiele, Staffelspiele oder Zahlen- und Formenspiele.
Metal gate with target wall and power
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290 x 165 x 90 cm (L x H x D), tube diameter 2.45 cm. The gate with the optional target wall for fun at party events and events. Target wall is mounted with the supplied rubber bands to the poles, fixed with pegs on the lawn. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.
Mini Fußball-Tennis Set “UNIVERSAL“
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Fußball-Tennis: Ideal zur Verbesserung von Ballgefühl und Orientierung beim Fußball. Das Set kann auf Kunst-und Echtrasen sowie Steinboden verwendet werden, sehr gute Stabilität, sehr leichter Auf- und Abbau.
Football goal with net
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240 x 160 x 100 cm (L x H x D), strong and stable construction, pipe diameter 3.8 cm. Net is attached with Velcro fasteners on the matable linkage. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.
Disc Golf Set
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Three-piece TPE clay targets set consisting geu from the 173 gram Driver disc for long, of 165 g heavy mid-range disc for medium and short distances as well as the 171-gram putter disc. Suitable for boarding round? Bte players. approved by the PDGA as Wettkampfset.
Quick Hit 8 X 8
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Quick-Hit ist ein tragbares MultisportÜbungs- und Schlagnetz. Quick-Hit bietet ein großes quadratisches Ziel - perfekt für eineffektives Abschlag- oder Zieltraining. Schneller und einfacher Aufbau in nur 2 Minuten.
Hüpfsack Set of 6 numbered 1-6
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Hopsacks, 60 cm high, diameter 30cm. Set of 6 nylon with 2 sturdy handles. With numbers from 1-6, and 3-sprachigem print. Blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple.
Replacement net for Football goal
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240 x 160 x 100 cm (L x H x D), strong and stable construction, pipe diameter 3.8 cm. Net is attached with Velcro fasteners on the matable linkage. Door must be secured with the supplied pegs from falling over. With assembly instructions.
Disc Golf Target
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Disc Golf is played on the same principle as golf. The dropping of the disc is played at a predetermined position. All other litters direction Disc Target done from the point at which the disc has come to rest. The aim is to hit the target with as few throws.
MB game Twister
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The crazy game with Verknotungsgefahr! For 2-4 players. Age: from 7 years. Dimensions: 26.7 x 26.7 x 5.2 cm, weight: g 600th
Original Powerball Basic
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The training device for fingers, wrists, upper and lower arms to increase grip strength and physical condition on the basis of centrifugal forces. With enclosed cord, the rotor is started and maintained by rhythmic hand movements to speed. Up to 16000 revolutions per minute are achievable with centrifugal forces which 80 times of the rotor own weight be - thus 16kg!
Family tennis (Set)
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Widely proven recreational game for family and school. Set: 2 plastic bat and foam tennis ball (diameter 70 mm).
Waboba Extreme Ball
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The 95 g lightweight ball bounces on the water surface is handy, easy to catch and throw. Suitable for water and beach.
Waboba Pro Ball
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Waboba Pro Ball The 98 g easy ball. Jumps on the water surface and ensures ultimate gaming fun in the water or on the beach.
Space Ball
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The attached thereto ball bands will make the space ball at an attractive throwing device for outdoor and indoor.
Waboba glove CATCH
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Waboba glove Catch, The glove for safe and easy catching or throwing the Waboba balls. Suitable for either hand. Supplied with a Waboba pro ball.
Waboba Moon Ball
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A ball with tremendous jumping ability and exceptional spin with only 72 g in weight. Ø 6.5 cm.
Indiaca tournament net
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DTB-rule 650 cm x 100, 2.3 mm polypropylene, green, mesh size 45 mm, white polyester enclosure, 11.7 m Kevlar rope.
Beach Ball Set Games
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2 Beach racket painted wood, 37.8 x 23.5 x 0.8 cm with Fields imprint (2 Classic board games)
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The original TIPP-KICK ball is now in XXL - the right kicking! The large and soft ball is surrounded by a water-resistant synthetic leather cover. The 12-square foam ball has large and small football fans playing and training opportunities for indoors and outdoors.
Ogo Sport slices Set
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Ogo Sport set. It is ideal for the training of motor skills and eye-hand coordination. In the game movements are trained from the sports volleyball and tennis. Both Ogo discs can also be used both as a batsman as a flying disc.
Sound Torpedo, Speed Piper
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The aerodynami Sound Torpedo Speed Piper with neoprene surface - ist not calm when flying. It makes a clearly audible whistling. The excellent crafted torpedo is easy to grip, making it ideal for children. Recommended for children over 6 years.
Aerobie Flying Ring Pro
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Aerodynamically very sophisticated coupling ring with excellent flight characteristics, Ø 33 cm. Incl. Throwing instructions.