Safety Nets-Facilities

Turnbuckle M 10
(tax incl.)
M turnbuckle 10. One side of eyelet, a hook side, with 3 mm cable clamps for rope Ø 4, galvanized. Without a rope.
Diagonal brace kit
(tax incl.)
The set consists of 2 individual struts to Abstrebung the wall bracket in the outer region. Incl. Mounting kit.
steel ring
(tax incl.)
To hook the snap hook with steel cable version. Thus, simply moving the network possible.
Safety net-running rail arc 90
(tax incl.)
(90, R = 500 mm) for protection network system, from stably molded aluminum, anodized. Complete with roll rings 4 and 4 snap hooks (hooks) per sheet.
Outdoor support posts
(tax incl.)
The posts can be directly concreted in or attached by means of a bottom sleeve (Item No. 40514). Post spacing about 5 m. Incl. Mounting hardware.
diagonal strut
(tax incl.)
mm Alurundrohr Ø 50, for Abstreben the outside of the post (for reasons of stability essential). Incl. Mounting hardware.
Knotless nets
(tax incl.)
High strength, without knots. Price per square meter. Charge For protection network order: Plus 20% less than 20 square meters per power, plus 35% less than 10 square meters per network, Plus 100% less than 5 square meters per network