Lounge- & Massage Benches

Lying and massage bench
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2-piece, the head part is adjustable. Solid steel frame made of white, powder-angle section. Two-piece, solid upholstered leatherette, fine grained and fabric reinforced with foam filling. Padding Height: 80 mm, deck height: cm about 68, pad size about 1.90 x 70 cm. Weight: kg approx 42nd Standard color: dark blue.
Sanitäts-standing cabinet (filled)
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Standing cabinet steel sheet white, filled (W x H x T) 30 x 200 x 20 cm, lockable door, completely maintenance-free. Füllsortiment: 1 folding stretcher, emergency seat, rescue sheet, operating aid kit DIN 13157, reflective emergency blanket, blanket and flashlight with red / green filter.
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exchangeable aluminum, suitable for any ambulance, laterally collapsible, according to regulations, respect. Dimensions: ready to use 226 x 55 cm, folded 187 x 12 cm.
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Of sheet steel with removable insert made of white plastic and white plastic lid. Capacity l. 13 32.5 cm high.
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Soft blanket to cover or inferiority. Very suitable for the stretcher. Color: camel. Dimensions: 150 x 200 cm.
Hygiene-time payments
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for headboard hygiene one-time payments from non-woven with elastic for head part of the trunk deck, protects against sweat and makeup. Set of 100 pieces.
Sanitary-standing cabinet (empty)
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Sheet steel, white, 200 x 30 x 20 cm, door with magnetic closures, anti-tip device for carrying two door storage bins, door bracket for first aid kit (wall mount recommended).
Rest room Sun
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Wall-trunk model, painted steel white, with folding legs, adjustable headrest, foam-padded, with washable vinyl coating. Complete with wall bracket pair. Standard color: dark blue.