Floor Covers

Ground cover for point-elastic sports floor
(tax incl.)
The stainless, acid- and alkali-resistant stainless steel frame provided with angesprossten angles for embedment. Simple setting in cement mortar is ensured. The PVC floor lid is coated by the floor laying company. Delivery without cover!
Ground cover for surface flexible sports floor
(tax incl.)
The aluminum frame in the Z-shape are flush milled by the floor laying company in the clamping plate and fixed. The PVC floor lid is appropriately coated by the floor laying company or covered with PVC covering at sprung floor. Delivery without cover!
PVC cover lid
(tax incl.)
With circular rubber gasket. The rubber seal prevents inadvertent rotation of the cover in games in the hall and the ingress of flush water into the floor structure.
ground cover
(tax incl.)
Gym with parquet floor Z-frame made of aluminum, waterproof cover and glued continuous rubber seal with wood veneer. specify when ordering wood.