Stop Watches

Stoptec stopwatch 490
(tax incl.)
This spill-proof, shock-resistant watch is particularly interesting to work for swimming and rowing trainer to the power and high-performance sports. The race control function and the possibility of strokes measurements in a display, perform parallel to the current time is here particularly user-friendly possible.
Stoptec stopwatch 420
(tax incl.)
Very large and easy to read one-line display with a display area of ??first 39 min., 59.99 sec., Then 23 hr., 59 min., 59 sec. Display of the time (12 / 24h) with date, alarm and hourly chime. Optimal pressure point by the pressure point mechanism
Stoptec stopwatch 440
(tax incl.)
The stopwatch for school sports and coaches. The very large, well-read one-line display with a stopwatch function (9h 59min, 59.99s) Count Down / Count Up Timer or Repeat Timer Pacerfunktion (60/70/80/100/120/160/240 signals per minute adjustable ) time with date, four alarms and hourly chime.
Stoptec stopwatch 480
(tax incl.)
A spill-resistant stopwatch with two-line display, an 8 Memory stop function and a combined timer Pacerfunktion. Split and lap times can be stopped during the stop operation.
Stoptec stopwatch 485
(tax incl.)
The Stoptec 485 mm a stopwatch with large three-line display, 38 x 26 mm, Character height from 5.4 to 7.3, a 60 Memory storage function, timer function, Pacerfunktion and time with date and alarm. Especially recommended for coaches and physical education teachers who work with larger groups.