Starting Blocks

floor tiles
(tax incl.)
For handball goals (indoor) and sports equipment, chrome-plated surface. When ordering soil type and structure specify. Depending gate four floor tiles are needed. Ø 75mm.
Floor mounting Ø 104mm
(tax incl.)
For handball goals (indoor) and sports equipment, chrome-plated surface. When ordering, please state the type and structure of the soil. Four floor tiles are required for each goal. Ø 104 mm.
Competition starting block with high pedals
(tax incl.)
Competition start block with high pedals, silver / red, (L x B x H) 100 x 30 x 20 cm, 8 kg steel, individually adjustable in 15 positions of pedals, 5-way adjustable angle footprint. For plastic sheets. IAAF certified.
Safety screw (DBGM)
(tax incl.)
To door anchorage on the floor, or ground anchor for fastening starting blocks, 30 mm thread length.
Security screw 90 mm
(tax incl.)
For door anchorage on the ground, with 90 mm thread length. For starting blocks and gates (other manufacturers).
Start block mount
(tax incl.)
For Tartan coverings. The longitudinal and transverse rails, which are in small holding mandrels are inserted, fixed to the rail with start block Allen key screws.
Halls-starting system
(tax incl.)
Starting block mounted on plywood plate, with non-slip waffle rubber coating. Optimal training system for the hall.
Starting block Olympic
(tax incl.)
Starting block Olympic. Aluminum rail, with thorns for mounting on tartan surfaces. Through the three supplied ground anchor this starting block can also be easily and securely attach to dirt tracks. Aluklötze with tartan covering and multi-adjustable angle of attack. IAAF certified.
Vario Starting Block
(tax incl.)
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For plastic and cinder track, 3 Block Patent solution, length 70 cm, width cm 33rd For right and left-starter, in the step position infinitely adjustable. Start pads covered with Regupol. Incl. 3 ground anchors.
Starting block Alu
(tax incl.)
Aluminum bar covered with easily adjustable Aluklötzen with Regupol. Pads are guided in a guide groove and can be adjusted by turning in the inclination.
Halls start BlockX
(tax incl.)
Two start blocks made of PE foam, 35, and 25 x 15 x 8 cm, with special anti-slip surface. Suitable for plastic or wood floors. Start and walls possible because blocks are of different lengths. Ambidextrous. Tested in children Athletics DLV. Color according to stock in blue, red, yellow or green.