Measuring Tapes

Tape, steel
(tax incl.)
Steel, 13 mm wide, painted white. On aluminum frame with ergonomic handle, one side only.
Distance measuring device (encoder)
(tax incl.)
Simple measurements and reliable reading of large distances. Measuring range 9,999.99 m, 1 cm resolution, with parking rack and the parking brake. Guide bar can be folded for transport.
distance measuring device
(tax incl.)
With Doppelscheibenrad metal guide rod is hinged. Swing-in parking rack ensures stability. Präzisionsmessrad counts forwards and backwards. A parking brake allows precise measurement work. Features: Measuring range: m 9,999.99, Resolution: 1 cm Wheel diameter: 318.5 mm, accuracy: max. 0.05%, weight: about 3.9 kg.
Wide dipstick registered design
(tax incl.)
Stainless steel, is used for fast, easy and accurate determination of the respective width (z. B. in long jump / triple jump, discus / hammer / javelin throw, etc.). Tape measure is simply clamped into the dipstick at zero, so only the top needs in the footprint pinned to be.