Children's Athletics

Sound Torpedo, Speed Piper
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The aerodynami Sound Torpedo Speed Piper with neoprene surface - ist not calm when flying. It makes a clearly audible whistling. The excellent crafted torpedo is easy to grip, making it ideal for children. Recommended for children over 6 years.
coupling ring
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Air filled coupling ring for optimal litter training. Soft, skin-friendly rubber material provides perfect grip. Ø outside 29 cm Internal diameter 16 cm.
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Bewegungssticks bieten eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, um motorische und kognitive Grundlagen für Kinder von 3 bis 10 Jahren zu schaffen. Entspannungsübungen, Aufwärmen, Lauf- und Fangspiele, Geschicklichkeits- und Kooperationsspiele, Staffelspiele oder Zahlen- und Formenspiele.
Easy hurdles set "soft jumper"
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This hurdles set is ideal for the coordinative training in football, handball, athletics and various other sports. The softness of the material prevents injuries during training. The items are very robust and water-repellent by the use of closed-cell lightweight foam.
throwing stick
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Bar made of rubber for the Javelin training. Soft, skin-friendly material, with integrated recessed grips for proper support. Length 19 cm, diameter 4 cm.
Soft rubber discus
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Super Soft rubber material, ideal for beginners training. , Easy to maintain good grip and easy to follow by the neon colors. Absolutely safe and harmless.
Throw Hammer Soft & Safe
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Innovative product for an early start of learning discipline hammer throw. No metal handle of nylon, from 5 kg of steel. Wire length corresponds to the rules and wire can not be twisted by design.
Blockx® carrying case
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Ideal complement to Blockx system - hence, transporting and storage of Blockx no longer a problem. Fits completely into sports or ball closet.
Plastic Peer Turbo Jav
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To prepare for throwing with outdoor spears. Ideal flight characteristics in the hall and outdoors. 69 cm long, 3.6 cm, 300 g. Color on the stock.
repellent bar
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Made of soft neoprene. For early the shot put technique developed learning. Soft and easy to see. Dimensions 100 x 20 x 2 cm (L x W x H).
Target mat set
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6 round mats (Ø 50 cm), with numerals from 0-5 and a neutral for the rod jumping. Immediate width feedback and motivational aid.
Athletics starter set
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Ideal for club and school. Content: 2 Starting blocks, 1 foam peer, 2 Turbo spears, 1 soft rubber disc 300 g, 5 Soft hurdles 10-50 cm, 6 sentinel character, 2 throwing balls made of rubber 80 g and 500 g, kg 2 weight balls 1 and 2 kg and 1 flexible high jump bar. Including durable storage net.
Flexible high jump bar
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Total length 4:00 m, 8 consisting of soft polyethylene-pieces (each 50 cm long, 3 cm), held together by an elastic cord and tensioned. Version 2 color - so that the impression of a normal jump bar. Because of the soft material children is taken the fear of contact. Color on the stock.
Web Disc
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Patented children Diskus PVC for learning the discus throwing, consisting of core and ring, weight 500 g for indoor and outdoor. By resilient blades ring no damage to the walls and the hall floor caused. Is ideal for learning the self-rotation of the discus, the condition is optimum for the later flight.
soft peer
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To handle special foam Peer, good because four stabilizers flight characteristics safely and easily. 88 cm long, 5 cm, 50 g.
Soft training hurdles set
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Low density polyethylene, Ø 45 mm, yellow. are hurdles 70 cm long and have five different heights: 10-20-30-40-50 cm. Ideal training system, no risk of injury.
Blockx® United Building Blocks Complete
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Blockx® large blocks complete set of delivery: 20 foam pads, 40 and connector 10 hurdle feet (PE-foam). Fear Free learning the hurdle run. differently high Hinternisse build by connecting the blocks with the connector Let. Color on the stock.