Disc/Hammer Throw Safety Nets

Hammer throw-protection system Protection Star
(tax incl.)
Discus and hammer throw safety net system, detached! Cost of soil foundations undHülsen etc. eliminated without replacement! Innovative system with gate-like porticoes of high-strength aluminum profile. set up in no time without the help of Steiger or ladders at each beliebigenStelle. Standard version: bright aluminum, galvanized steel parts. On request custom paint job.
Discus / hammer throw safety net
(tax incl.)
According to the new rule DLV 192 with two additional hinged wings (2 m wide). For grating height of 7 m to 10 m increasing in the wing area. Network size of 7.5 m to 10.5 m uphill, 31 m long, green color.
Discus / hammer throw
(tax incl.)
Safety net m for uniform grid of 5.5. Network Size: 6 x 25 m. Color green. Mesh size of 50 mm, edge-top and sides and the edge line (Ø 8 mm) reinforced provided at the top with loops. Only in conjunction with mounting unit for raisable Hammer and Discus-nets.
weight bag
(tax incl.)
For Hammer and Discus defense network. White polyester fabric for Netzbeschwerung. Without filling.
Discus / hammer throw guard
(tax incl.)
Guard DLV / IAAF fixed guard in ground sockets according to the guidelines of the DLV and the IAAF. With 10 poles (height 7 / 10m), of oval aluminum profile 98 x 142 mm, up to 10 mm thickness in the voltage range, amplified in the lower region with an internal profile.
Discus / hammer throw guard
(tax incl.)
Fixed guard in ground sleeves, height 5.5 m. 8 post made of aluminum profile 80 x 80 x 3 mm). With pulleys and cord winder. Infinitely adjustable flaps. Delivered without grids, sandbags and assembly.
fixing unit
(tax incl.)
For Hoistable Hammer and Discus-nets. Top and side edge nylon rope (Ø 12 mm), with incorporated thimbles, which are provided with corresponding lift cords.
Discus safety net replacement
(tax incl.)
mm polypropylene 4, 5 cm mesh, green, m discus grille with column height 4, mesh size 4.5 m high and 21 m long. All around running 8 mm rope edge to edge enhancement. Only replacement demand for discus guard 4 m (old version).
Discus guard DLV / IAAF
(tax incl.)
Aluminum section 80 x 80 mm, natural aluminum, height 4 m continuously, in ground sockets 10, according to the guidelines of the IAAF and DLV. Only a network without swing-wings. No power and sandbags.
Discus safety net
(tax incl.)
Diskus protection network polypropylene 5 mm m for the amount of lattice. 4 Network Size: 4.5 m high and 27 m long, green. For guard DLV Rule 190.3. NOTE: For easy installation and removal, we recommend the pull-up device 7257!