Display & Measuring Devices

(tax incl.)
Präzisions-Gerätewaage mit Schalenaufsatz zum Wiegen von Disken, Kugeln, Wurfhammer, Speere etc. Leicht ablesbare LCD-Anzeige mit 13 mm Ziffernhöhe. Wägebereich bis 20 kg in 10 g Schritten.
Round display
(tax incl.)
Steel pipe with gallows floor stand, target bell 2 Anzeigetableaux adjustable from 0-9.
Anemometer WindMaster MFS D1
(tax incl.)
DLV with approval, comprising: wind receiving unit with a mass flow sensor / works with 1024 measurements second. Process-driven control panel with LCD display for the measured wind values. High quality sports m stand with a stand circle of 1.36, which guarantees even in stormy winds crashworthiness.
Wind control device
(tax incl.)
Stable stand with plastic coating. Windsock red / white on wooden pole attached to indicate the wind direction.
Wide dipstick registered design
(tax incl.)
Stainless steel, is used for fast, easy and accurate determination of the respective width (z. B. in long jump / triple jump, discus / hammer / javelin throw, etc.). Tape measure is simply clamped into the dipstick at zero, so only the top needs in the footprint pinned to be.