Climbing Equipment

Magnesia Chalkball
(tax incl.)
Finest basic magnesium carbonate. This product guarantees excellent friction values ??on the rocks and artificial climbing walls.
Team-Niedersprungmatte quadratisch
(tax incl.)
Diese bwährte Niedersprungmatte mit robusten PVC-Bezug eignet sich bestens zur Absicherung einer Kletteranlage und ist mit einer rutschfesten Unterseite ausgestattet.
Grigri 2 belay and rappeling
(tax incl.)
Grigri 2, gray, self-braking belay and rappeling. The Grigri 2 mm belay device with assisted braking force for ropes from 8.9 to 11, simplifies the securing maneuver. It is suitable both for securing the lead climbing and top roping.
Climbing shoe Reptile
€77.11 -35%
(tax incl.)
The climbing shoe Reptile consists of high quality natural leather, weight 620 g, in sizes 36-48. (Size please specify when ordering). Straight cut extremely comfortable climbing shoe for beginners or rental business. The reinforced midsole provides high stability and supports energy saving:.
Abseilachter Bud
(tax incl.)
The classic in a new design. Universally applicable for descending and securing. Color on the stock.
Abseilachter Terence
(tax incl.)
The modern form of the traditional Abseilachters. Due to its V-shaped slot means, the braking action is exactly dosed. A plastic insert holds the carabiner in place and helps to avoid adverse horizontal forces. 56 g.
(tax incl.)
Stitched, 25 kN, for self-locking, between the fuse and Standplatzbau on one or more backup points.
Climbing wall plate set for the niche rear wall
(tax incl.)
Climbing wall plate set for the alcove back wall, for covering the wall bars niche rear wall consisting of natural colored plywood boards, 18 mm thick, the plates are fitted in the 20-cm-hole pattern with threaded sleeves for the installation of climbing grips.
(tax incl.)
For rope secured climbing on climbing structures above 2 m foot height. Maximum strength, with flanged hook tabs largely wear-free and durable. No sawing the chain Quick Snaps! 2 stainless steel carbine, twist-type, double chain fuse length changeable.
Headlamp Tikka
(tax incl.)
Lightweight headlamp with three LEDs and elastic headband. Ideal for uniform illumination of the surrounding area with a long burn time. Compact and lightweight lamp. The three LEDs have a burn time of 150 hours and provide comfortable lighting for 24 hours.
Headlamp Tactikka
(tax incl.)
Ultralight headlamp with three LEDs. To switch between white or red light at close range with a long burn time. Switches easily between red and white light by the rotatable filter is placed over the reflector.
HMS Twist
(tax incl.)
Carabiner made of aluminum, 100 x 70 mm, g Weight 69th By the twist-look closure it locks always saying.
carabiner Screw
(tax incl.)
Classic carabiner, black, 101 x 57 mm, 55 g. Ideal for Zap-O-Mat, Eddy, Abseilachter or for fixing the stand.