jumper Mini
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Cardio fitness in no time and the smallest space! Ideal pressure distribution by proven Dynair technology and extremely dynamic Rebound
Brasil Aqua Set of 2
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Brasil Aqua meets all the requirements for an effective abdominal legs Po-training and for a modern back and health training, on the joints through the ergonomic shape and low weight of 270 g each.
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The knobs allow for an even more effective and pleasant massage effect, wherein the blood circulation can be promoted. The Actiball is used in the field of Faszienfitness in training and therapy. The material Ruton is hardened, robust and easy to clean, hypoallergenic, odorless and 100% recyclable.
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The new Brasil Brasil Base for group lessons in a club or gym is a Made in Germany product of Ruton
BRASIL® DVD "Body styling with BRASIL"
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Fitness professional Gabi Fastner has put together a program for this DVD - it's really fun, is easy to perform and takes very little time. DVD contents: Introduction & amp; Handling of the Brasil (03.30 min.), The total program (52.30 min.).
Redondo® ball Plus
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With its soft soft and grippy surface, it is comfortable to use and provides security for balance exercises
Faszio ball
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The Faszion ball from TOGU ensures a healthy Faszienstimulation for anyone Raises bonds and tension and stimulates the metabolism. The ideal ball for therapy and fitness. Air ball adjustable. Made in Germany
Powerball Premium ABS
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ABS-balls are designed so that the air escapes in an injury from the outside only slowly at the damaged site and can not popping the ball - this is the anti-burst system. Pleasant textured surface with segment division. Latex-free.
Trainingsbuch Brasil
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Strengthening - Endurance - relaxation. The training book Brasil includes extensive background and numerous exercises with the popular handsets. This book provides illustrated exercise instructions and worked-out lesson plans for physical therapists, trainers and coaches. Approximately 160 pages with 400 color photos. Author: Gabi Fastner
Redondo Ball Touch
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The Redondo-Ball Touch is a stability ball with soft nubs. It is absolutely versatile and suitable for different fitness exercises
DYNAIR® Premium
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Wedge Ball Cushion Combines the advantages of ball cushion and wedge cushion in one product. automatically enables a good sitting position
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Cardio-Fitness in kürzester Zeit und auf kleinstem Raum! Ideale Druckverteilung durch bewährte Dynair-Technik und extrem dynamischem Rebound
DYNAIR® Ballkissen® Senso®
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DYNAIR® Ballkissen® Senso® aus Ruton, mit Nadelventil. Eine Seite mit runden, sanften Senso-Noppen - die andere Seite im bewährten Classic-Design
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Für viele lustige Spiele, z.B. Wildwest-Reiten, sowie zur Förderung der Koordination, Balance und Gleichgewichtsschulung, aus hochwertigem Ruton®-Material