Blackroll Mini
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The BLACKROLL® MINI is expanding its range of applications at a whole range of new applications - especially the targeted self-massage of smaller areas and muscle groups. In addition, wider roll movements You can also apply pressure or selectively stretching only in certain places - for example with rotational movements to stretch the neck. Practical for on the go!
Blackroll Duoball
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For punctual self massage, to improve mobility and to solve hardening. The material prepared from EPP is 100% recyclable. The Massage Ball is sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. The different sizes 8 cm and 12 cm are designed specifically for the areas of the body, which can hardly or difficult to reach by conventional products.
Brasil Aqua Set of 2
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Brasil Aqua meets all the requirements for an effective abdominal legs Po-training and for a modern back and health training, on the joints through the ergonomic shape and low weight of 270 g each.
Dynair® pads / Senso® vein trainer
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Made of high quality Ruton. Simple quick help with circulatory disorders, venous congestion and swollen legs. Due to the perfect ergonomic shape, the pads nestle on each foot. optimum air filling customization of the arch. Massage effect by soft senso knobs - the other side is velvety smooth. Individually ventilated. Dimensions 34 x 33 cm. Load capacity 200 kg. Delivered in a decorative box with exercise poster and pump.
DYNAIR® Ballkissen® XXL Meditation
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Ball cushion XXL Meditation Dynair Ø 50cm, red. The classic in large format. Through the air filling the meditation cushion accommodates the natural oscillation of the body and allows small compensating movements. Respiratory flow and concentration to be improved, the body perception is sensitized. Individual pressure regulation is possible. Load capacity: kg 200th Supplied with exercise poster and hand pump.
Redondo® ball Plus
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With its soft soft and grippy surface, it is comfortable to use and provides security for balance exercises
Black Roll Ball
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To improve the mobility and solution of hardening. Made of high quality EPP, extremely robust and dimensionally stable
Book "fascia on the Move"
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Fascias have many functions in the body and are a long-neglected structure deserves in the training process far more attention
Powerball Premium ABS
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ABS-balls are designed so that the air escapes in an injury from the outside only slowly at the damaged site and can not popping the ball - this is the anti-burst system. Pleasant textured surface with segment division. Latex-free.
Bella Bambi Original solo
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BellaBambi® ist ein Schröpfgerät, das Sie in drei verschiedenen Intensitäten einsetzen können - je nach Empfindlichkeit bzgl. Saugkraft wählen Sie zwischen Sensitive, Vitality und Intense.
Redondo Ball Touch
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The Redondo-Ball Touch is a stability ball with soft nubs. It is absolutely versatile and suitable for different fitness exercises
Airex SoftX fascia Set
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Very popular fascia set, as two different degrees of hardness can be used for the fascial and Sensomotoriktraining
Actiroll Rumble
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A new air-filled, yet hard roll that is used as a regeneration tool for self massage and relaxation. The Actiroll is used in the field of Faszienfitness in training and therapy. The included hand pump the Actiroll can be easily and continuously adjusted to different degrees of hardness.
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The knobs allow for an even more effective and pleasant massage effect, wherein the blood circulation can be promoted. The Actiball is used in the field of Faszienfitness in training and therapy. The material Ruton is hardened, robust and easy to clean, hypoallergenic, odorless and 100% recyclable.
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The new Brasil Brasil Base for group lessons in a club or gym is a Made in Germany product of Ruton
BRASIL® DVD "Body styling with BRASIL"
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Fitness professional Gabi Fastner has put together a program for this DVD - it's really fun, is easy to perform and takes very little time. DVD contents: Introduction & amp; Handling of the Brasil (03.30 min.), The total program (52.30 min.).
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Air-filled, individually adjustable positioning aid and training device, 50 cm long. Use in therapy, strengthening, aqua-aerobics, yoga and balance. Incl. Air pump and posters.
Massage Power Roller
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Rolling tension, stress and muscle pain away. Gentle rolling over back, neck, face or feet acts as a deep tissue massage
DYNAIR® Ballkissen® XL with Actisan
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anthracite with Actisan color, diameter 36 cm. The Dynair pillow XL Actisan Studio line enabling experience your body and relax, stability and instability, as well as coordination training at the highest level. Weight: 1250 g.
DYNAIR® Ballkissen® XXL Actisan
On demand
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anthracite with Actisan color, diameter 50 cm. The Dynair cushion XXL Actisan Studio line enabling experience your body and relax, stability and instability, as well as coordination training at the highest level. Weight: 2600 g.
Cherry stone bag
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Gentle cherry stones cleaned in jean. Applications of cherry stone pouch: Finger and foot exercises, balance, weight, storage. They are used in the senior gymnastics, in sports clubs, in therapy, in rehab in school and in kindergarten.
Trainingsbuch Brasil
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Strengthening - Endurance - relaxation. The training book Brasil includes extensive background and numerous exercises with the popular handsets. This book provides illustrated exercise instructions and worked-out lesson plans for physical therapists, trainers and coaches. Approximately 160 pages with 400 color photos. Author: Gabi Fastner
DYNAIR® Ballkissen®
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DYNAIR® ball cushion RUTON, with needle valve. Dynamic and eased sitting and unstable base for back training, gymnastics, therapy and rehabilitation. Both sides with a velvety smooth surface. Keeps the vertebrae gently in motion and trains the muscles of the spine. Filled only with the atmospheric pressure. Load capacity: approx kg 200th Color on the stock.
Body Roll set of 2
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The air-filled, circulation-stimulating massage roller, for the whole body. The soft, gentle knobs are also ideal for reflexology. With the Body Roll a better blood flow to your body and muscles is encouraged.
DYNAIR® Premium
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Wedge Ball Cushion Combines the advantages of ball cushion and wedge cushion in one product. automatically enables a good sitting position
Gymnastics role
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Versatile gym role with PVC cover and foam core. Ideally suited for use in physiotherapy and therapy. In combination with other soft floor mats or soft floor modules perfectly usable. The hygienic tarpaulin can be good reinigen.Lieferbar in 3 Avg versions.