Benz Sports Futsal ball
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The Benz Sports Futsal ball is conceived for the indoor soccer game ball for the highest demands. It is suitable ideally for the sweepstakes operation and for training sessions. The Benz Sports Futsal ball is available in three versions.
BENZ Futsal Competition
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Top-Wettspielball aus PU-Material, gedämpftes Sprungverhalten, abriebfest, formstabil, offizielle Größe und Gewicht.
BENZ Futsal Kiddys light
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Special futsal ball of soft PU material, ideal for children and adolescents. By half low bounce. Circumference: 62 cm, weight: g 300th
Football indoor football hall
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32 pieces, nylon hand stitching. English special felt, 5-fold laminated with glaring yellow surface. Very good in the hall to play, because the speed of the ball is reduced,