Soccer, Winner
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32-piece, high-quality match ball of the latest generation. Seamless surface thanks thermally welded panels 100% PU material. Best flight and playability and soft ball contact by multi-layer special substructure. Extremely low water absorption and minimal loss of air pressure. Manufactured to international match ball standard.
Soccer, diamond
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<p> Top competition ball with top design! 100% PU material with micro-fiber underside. The multiple lamination provides soft ball contact. Very good playing behavior, high dimensional stability. Special surface lamination ensures good abrasion resistance and minimal water absorption in wet conditions. All-weather ball, suitable for all places - the diamond in the range. </p>
Soft foam football
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With extremely durable PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance. Surface washable, can be disinfected, hygienic.
Soccer, BENZ Two
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<p> Good training ball with a new type of panel construction, glossy pearl design and multiple lamination. Additional foam intermediate layer provides a soft, pleasant ball contact. Suitable for all places. </p>
Football, New Champion
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Excellent competition ball with a very nice style. PU material and Mehrfachkaschierung. The ball is suitable for all weather situations. It has a high ball speed and abrasion resistance.
ERIMA hybrid Lite 290
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Outstanding youth soccer, 100% polyurethane with the features of a game ball. With 290 grams, the lightweight of ERIMA hybrid line. It offers best playing qualities for children and adolescents from the Bambinis to the E-youth.
Football, BENZ Action
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32-piece, very robust training ball for all ground conditions, 4-ply with covering layer of PVC and construction. With butyl bag and double safety valve.
Football, Germany
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<p> All-weather ball made of synthetic PU material with multiple lamination. 4-layer structure, 32 pieces, yellow. Soft ball contact, good flight behavior, high dimensional stability and minimal water absorption. Due to its special coating it is also ideal for snow-covered places. </p>
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Good training ball made of synthetic PU / PVC material, specially woven. 4-layer construction for a good flight characteristics and high dimensional stability. Additional PU coating provides soft ball contact, the gloss design protects and makes our all-weather ball - he is of course suitable for all courts.
ERIMA Hybrid Training
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Innovative training ball made of 100% polyurethane, which combines the advantages of the glued and hand-stitched technologies. Size 5, weight 380 g.
FooBaSKILL Kids Ball
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FooBaSKILL Kids Ball, Gr. 4, white / light blue / burgundy, weight 350-370 g, PU material and natural rubber.
Benz hybrid Match 450
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Benz Hybrid's 450, FIFA standard, Gr.5, weighing about 410-450 g, match ball made with 32 panels, 100% polyurethane and hybrid technology. Manufactured by FIFA standard, Division A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
reflex ball
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This Goalkeeper Training Ball is played like a normal football, featuring the player but most unpredictable situations. This capability will significantly improve with the ball and the reflex-training support. The Eye Beinkordination is improved. Robust, green-black TPU material. Dimensions 21.5 x 21.5 x 19 cm, g Weight 290th
Mercury football Lite 290
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BENZ MERCURY football Lite 290, red, size 3, 290 g, material: 100% polyurethane. Hybrid technology. 32 panels, glued and stitched for permanent use in training, suitable for any Untergund. Series: Bambinis from 3 years
Mercury football Lite 290
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MERCURY football Lite 290, blue, Gr. 4, 290 g, Super Hybrid, 32 panels, glued and sewn. Round ball. Series: G Junior Bambinis U7
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The original TIPP-KICK ball is now in XXL - the right kicking! The large and soft ball is surrounded by a water-resistant synthetic leather cover. The 12-square foam ball has large and small football fans playing and training opportunities for indoors and outdoors.
Football, Classic Line Competition
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Excellent competition ball. Synthetic PU material with Mehrfachkaschierung. 4-layer structure, 32 parts. Soft ball contact and good game behavior. High dimensional stability and low water absorption. All-weather ball, suitable for all courts.
Molten football Vantaggio F5V3750
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The football Molten Vantaggio F5V3750 is the successor of the F5V3750, Multi-purpose plaything. High quality PU material gives playability. Dimensionally stable, abrasion resistant, high ball speed, suitable for all courts. FIFA inspected. White / blue / silver Gr. 5th
Takraw ball
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Takraw ball is an Asian team sport from the group of non-return games, two teams face when with three players on a split through a network pitch. The aim is to play a ball with his feet over the net on the ground in the opponent's half of the field and prevent the same effort by the opponent.
Derbystar Fussball-Bundesliga Set
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Derbystar Fussball-Bundesliga Set bestehend aus 1x Derbystar Bundesliga Fussball 2018 Brillant APS, 10x Derbystar Bundesliga Fussball Brillant Replica und 1x BENZ-Ballsack für ca. 15 Bälle. Das ideale Bundesliga-Paket!
Bundesliga Brillant Mini
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Miniball. Maschinengenäht. Material: Soft-PVC mit Golfballstruktur. Eigenschaften: Ideal für den Freizeitbedarf oder das Vereinstraining zur Technikschulung. Blase: Naturlatex-Blase. Umfang: 47 cm. Offizielles Bundesliga Lizenzprodukt.
Fußball Jugend Trainingspaket
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Das ideale Paket für Verein und Schule. Das Paket umfasst 6 x Trainer weiß, Gr.4, 6 x Trainer schwarz, Gr.4, 1 x BENZ Ball-Sack (für ca. 15 Bälle). Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
Fußball Trainingspaket
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Das ideale Paket für Verein und Schule. Das Paket umfasst 6 x Trainer weiß, Gr.5, 6 x Trainer schwarz, Gr.5, 1 x BENZ Ball-Sack (für ca. 15 Bälle). Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
BENZ Schulpaket
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Das BENZ Schulpaket ist mit super Bällen für die Ballsportarten Basketball, Handball, Fußball, Football, Volleyball und den beliebten Multibällen für einen Allround-Einsatz ausgestattet. Inkl. BENZ Ballsack für die Aufbewahrung der Bälle.
BENZ-Futsal Training
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Futsal Trainingsball aus PU-Material, gedämpftes Sprungverhalten, abriebfest, formstabil, offizielle  Größe und Gewicht.
Fußball Premium Paket
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Das Fußballpaket für Schule und Verein. 5 x BENZ Merkur rot, Gr.5 + 5 x BENZ Merkur blau, Gr.5 + 2 x BENZ Merkur pro, Gr.5 + 1 x BENZ Ball-Sack (für ca. 15 Bälle). Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
Fußball FIFA Paket
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Das FIFA Fußballpaket  besteht aus 6 x Fußball MERKUR PRO weiß/schwarz/rot, 6 x Erima Fußball Hybrid Match weiß/rot/schwarz, 1 x BENZ Ballsack. Alle Bälle Gr. 5. Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
Fußball Erima Paket
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Ein super Vereins- oder Schulpaket mit Erima Bällen, die perfekte Spieleigenschaften bieten und zudem sehr strapazierfähig sind. 10x Erima Hybrid Lite 350, 1x Erima Hybrid Match und ein Ballsack (für ca. 15 Bälle).
Merkur Pro FIFA
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Trainingsball mit FIFA-, IMS Standard. Der Hybridball ist geklebt und genäht. Er ist für den permanenten Einsatz im Training entwickelt. Geeignet für jeden Untergrund und für jede Wettersituation. Gewicht ca. 450 g.