Football Training Goals

PlayersProtect Transportable Minitore mit Rollen
(tax incl.)
Extrem robuste Minitore komplett aus Aluminium, Farbe silber. Die Torrahmen sind aus verwindungssteifem Quadratprofil 80 x 80 mm. Der PlayersProtect Bodenrahmen beugt Verletzungen vor und schützt die Spieler beim Sturz auf den Rahmen. Die Tore sind mit großen, stabilen Netzbügeln mit einem Ø von 50 mm und einer Stärke von 3 mm ausgestattet.
Goal wall tarpaulin
(tax incl.)
With 2 openings, each 50 cm Ø. Made of the air permeable material of the tennis court aperture. Easy installation thanks to integrated eyelets and two provided fixing linen, color blue.
Minitor, aluminum
(tax incl.)
Aluminum Mini Gate, 100 x 100 cm. Simple, foldable design made of aluminum tubes. Light Torabmessung 100 x 100 cm.
Mini Goal Net (Pair)
(tax incl.)
2 Mini-nets 110 x 110 x 50 cm from a ca .2 mm thick polyethylene canvas, green, mesh size approximately 45 mm
Aluminum training goal
(tax incl.)
Suitable for street soccer and hockey. Surface natural aluminum blank, net hoops folded. Incl. Network &. Safety net hook.
Aluminum training goal
(tax incl.)
Robust fully welded construction for street soccer and hockey. Goal depth 70 cm, surface natural aluminum blank. Goal frame of system profiles 80 x 80 mm. Incl. Mesh (mesh size 4.5 cm) and Security Network holder.
(tax incl.)
Robuste vollverschweißte Konstruktion für Street-Soccer und Street-Hockey, Oberfläche Alu-natur blank
Safety Mini training goal
(tax incl.)
Goal depth 70 cm, surface natural aluminum blank. Part welded, with the particularity that the connection is bar / posts of two 90 ° bends. Goalpost from system profiles Ø 60 mm, complete. with the two 90 ° bends. Stable aluminum mesh guard Ø 40 mm. Minimized risk of injury by rounded corners.
Football goal Field Match PRO
(tax incl.)
Large gate with official dimensions, ideal for Team training games. By quickly build quick-fit system. Numbered tubes form the extra-thick frame-Ø 38 mm, wall thickness 1.2 mm. White powder coated with weather-resistant, UV-resistant white polyester mesh. With 6 metal pegs for ground installation. Delivery in blue bag with zipper and handle for easy handling. Weight: kg 20th