Football Field Goals

Special small Feldtor
(tax incl.)
Super Specialty retail field goal, 3 x 2 m. Upper depth of 90 cm, cm lower depth 1.15. Goal of aluminum, welded full-, goalpost oval profile 100 x 120 mm, net hoop mm from round pipe 50 x 4, the base frame rectangular profile 75 x 50 mm, incl. 5 PP mm mesh with steel reinforcement, MW 11 cm, diagonal manufactured.
(tax incl.)
Bolzwand, completely galvanized. Steel frame 292 x 185 cm, with welded steel wire mesh, 2 openings at about 50 cm diameter, painted red. Feet for concreting
Steel / Bolztor
(tax incl.)
Steel gate sturdy steel frame, 200 x 300 cm, galvanized, welded steel tube struts. Ideal for unattended places !!
Bolzplatz Gate Goalie
(tax incl.)
Bolzplatz Gate goalie, for maximum load. Dimensions 320 x215 x100 cm. Post, crossbar and net frame made of galvanized steel pipe