Football is undeniably the most popular teamsport in Germany.

Our range includes footballs for school sports, club training and matches in sports clubs and also for hobby footballers.
We offer top brands such as Derbystar, Molten and Erima, but our BENZ footballs also fulfil the highest quality standards and are very popular.

We also have an extensive range of equipment:
Ball packages for clubs and schools, nets, goal nets, goals in countless designs, training aids, pylons, tactics boards, scoreboards, ball compressors, marking shirts, etc.

Get an overview and make your choice!

Benz hybrid Match 450
(tax incl.)
Benz Hybrid's 450, FIFA standard, Gr.5, weighing about 410-450 g, match ball made with 32 panels, 100% polyurethane and hybrid technology. Manufactured by FIFA standard, Division A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
Mercury Pro FIFA
(tax incl.)
Training ball with FIFA, IMS standard. The hybrid ball is glued and sewn. It is designed for permanent use in training. Suitable for every surface and every weather situation. Weight 450 g.
Aluminum Youth Soccer Goal 5 x 2 m
(tax incl.)
Aluminum Youth Soccer with galvanized, fixed net supports. Goal depth 1,25 m. With bottom cross tube.. Net hoops with mounting straps for floor mounting. Plastic net fixing wedges..
Markierhauben Hürdenset
(tax incl.)
Dieses Hürdenset besteht aus 20 Markierhauben und 10 Hürdenstangen (1 m Länge). Die Markierhauben mit einer Höhe von 15 cm und einem Ø von 30 cm bestehen aus flexiblem Kunststoff (10 x gelb, 10 x rot) und sind somit sehr belastbar und biegsam. Die Hauben sind an der Spitze mit Mulden versehen und lassen sich somit zusammen mit den 10 Hürdenstangen schnell zu einem Mini-Hürden-System kombinieren.
Cone with holes
Stück price_from 5,80 €
(tax incl.)
For the insertion of rods Ø 2,5 cm or flat tires. For many athletic exercises: jumping, climbing, crawling, etc. sets with 4 parts, 1 each blue, red, yellow, green.
Marker Cones Set
(tax incl.)
For rod Ø cm 30th 15 cm high, in the colors red, yellow and white. On stacking and transport holder.
BENZ Merkur Super Hybrid
Stück price_from 18,90 €
(tax incl.)
Training hybrid ball with 32 panels, glued and stitched, designed for permanent use in training. Through the design results in different advantages, all of which ensure that the training ball is particularly long lasting. Suitable for any surface, g Weight approx 350th
Stück price_from 13,90 €
(tax incl.)
Good training ball made of synthetic PU / PVC material, specially woven. 4-layer construction for a good flight characteristics and high dimensional stability. Additional PU coating provides soft ball contact, the gloss design protects and makes our all-weather ball - he is of course suitable for all courts.
Fußball Premium Paket
(tax incl.)
Das Fußballpaket für Schule und Verein. 5 x BENZ Merkur rot, Gr.5 + 5 x BENZ Merkur blau, Gr.5 + 2 x BENZ Merkur pro, Gr.5 + 1 x BENZ Ball-Sack (für ca. 15 Bälle). Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
Safety-tip safety for training goals 7.32 x 2.44 m
Stück price_from 658,00 €
(tax incl.)
m for retrofitting for football goals 7.32 x 2.44. For bolting to the Gate-floor frame freestanding training goals and filling with quartz sand to the prescribed tilt-use. On large transport rollers are the gates, including weight, tilted, yet easy to transport.
Dummy Set (detached)
(tax incl.)
The versatile Defensive Wall Set is the perfect tool for every soccer practice. The set consists of 5 individual polypropylene dummies in the height of 150 to 190 cm are adjustable. The 600g lightweight, weatherproof characters have at the end of the feet steel pins that can be stuck into the lawn very easily.
Bolzplatz Gate Goalie
(tax incl.)
Bolzplatz Gate goalie, for maximum load. Dimensions 320 x215 x100 cm. Post, crossbar and net frame made of galvanized steel pipe
Cone Champ Set
(tax incl.)
Cone Champ (selected creator-collecting rod) and 40 selected disk (Ø 18 cm), height of 7 cm, in 5 different colors.
Marker Cones coach Set
(tax incl.)
Set of 20 pieces in 4 colors. With stacking and transport staff. Marker Cones having 12 wells support on the side in the amount of 5 cm, 9.5 cm and 14 cm and mm at the top, for receiving Turn bars Ø 25th Made of durable plastic, 14.5 cm high, Ø cm 30th
Flag for Ø 50 mm
(tax incl.)
Individually, size 30 x 30 cm, Ø 50 mm, yellow. Suitable for limiting rod of polyethylene.
round base
(tax incl.)
For plugging the border rods. From solid rubber, 2.7 kg. Incl. Reducing.
(tax incl.)
Ball catcher aluminum rod length of 3 m. For catching balls from Bach, lake etc.
Pod borer (DBGM)
(tax incl.)
For cleaning rods border ground sockets Ø 50 mm. Steel construction, galvanized. Simple to use drill is rotated in the sleeve and pulled up with dirt and soil - that's it! The limit rods can be used again.
Flex Articulated
(tax incl.)
For border rod, PVC, Ø 50 mm, yellow. Makes them flexible in all directions, self-righting.
pendulum ball
(tax incl.)
Chrome leather, 68 cm screen. With belt loop and swivel. Without pendulum ball rope.
Aluminum profile post
On demand
(tax incl.)
For football gangs. For use in matching Bodenhu? Solve. This Bodenhu? Solve mu? KISSING site to be installed. be fitted with star grip screws, the respective band members at the aluminum profile post.
Mini Goal Net (Pair)
(tax incl.)
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2 Mini-nets 110 x 110 x 50 cm from a ca .2 mm thick polyethylene canvas, green, mesh size approximately 45 mm
Fußball Trainingspaket
(tax incl.)
Das ideale Paket für Verein und Schule. Das Paket umfasst 6 x Trainer weiß, Gr.5, 6 x Trainer schwarz, Gr.5, 1 x BENZ Ball-Sack (für ca. 15 Bälle). Nutzen Sie den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.
4-way Coordination ladder
(tax incl.)
4 way coordination ladder, 4 x rung ladders with variable adjustable rungs. Buckles at the ends ensure easy operation. 4 to 16 meters variable erectable.