Competition barbell
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Competition dumbbell bar of spring steel rotary jacks Ø 50 mm handle Ø 28 mm Weight 20 kg length 220 cm
Exercise barbell
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Exercise barbell length 140 cm, diameter 50 mm, weight 15 kg (incl. 2 adjusting rings, each 1.25 kg).
SZ-curl bar
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SZ-curl bar Ø 50 mm, handle Ø 30 mm, length 140 cm, weight 15 kg (incl. 2 adjusting rings, each 1.25 kg).
Triceps Barbell
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Triceps barbell mm with a diameter of 50, length 140 cm, weight (kg incl. 2 collars, each 1.25) 16.5 kg
Magnesia block
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Magnesia or Chalk is used by devices gymnasts, strength athletes and climbers. It is a natural product and is delivered in pressed block form to reduce dust generation during use. The product for excellent moisture absorption.
Strength training panels (set)
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8 plates for the fitness center in the A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm), 4-color. On each panel, the most important exercises for one or more muscle groups are represented and the correct practice routine described. An eye-catcher for your studio.
Dumbbell tray stand
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GRIZZLY - dumbbell tray stand. In 2 planes, made of solid steel frame with individual storage trays (at intervals of 150 up to 270 mm - depending on the weight group) steel frame powder coated. For short and dumbbells.
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Triceps V-shaped, Hufgriff for training machines.