Training Machines

Vertical Row
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Vertical Row, upholstery color: black, frame: gray / silver, (L x B x H) 150 x 130 x 150 cm, 194 kg, weight package 94 kg, suitable for strengthening the back muscles, CAUTION: seams of the upholstery are yellow! "Unfree ex works"
Massage band Trigger Strap
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Massage belt trigger Strap, black / g yellow, (L x B x H) 30.68 x 11.2 x 8.31 cm, 430, innovative design, pressure can be controlled depending on the sense, long belt for variable setting, suitable for many areas of the body and for an effective massage of trigger points
Weight plates rack
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Weight plates tray, black, (L x B x H) 143 x 74 x 41 cm, 52 kg an effective system to save space, without accessories "not free from the manufacturing plant"
Rowing machine Concept2 Model E with PM5 Monitor, matt black
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Rowing machine Concept 2 with PM5 monitor, matt black, (L x B x H) 244 x 61 x seat height 51 cm, 29 kg steel / plastic, resistance due to air resistance Level 1-10, including power monitor PM5, with the shutter mechanism to fold to accommodate saving, suitable for Kraftausdauertaining in Rudervereinen.Das working with drag windmill reacts to the airflow by adjusting the air flap setting check on every single Ruderzug.
Crossfit Tower
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Der Crossfit Tower ist ein multifunktionelles Trainingsgerät mit unterschiedlichen Trainingsstationen. Es kombiniert die Möglichkeit typischer Crossfit Übungen mit klassischen Grundübungen. Die offene Konstruktion eröffnet dem Sportler ein Maximum an Bewegungsfreiheit für unzählige Ganzkörpertrainingseinheiten.
Double rope pulling machine SlimBeam
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There convince with its slim shape and takes up little space. Total height of 215 cm, width cm 40th The floor space required measures less than a half square. 15 weights with a total of 75 kg provide a challenging workout. Standard translation is 3: 1. Total weight: 120 kg. Supplied with rope.