Passport Media Player
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Incl. 6 by America North-East / South-West America / Chicago Los Angeles / Northern Italy / Swiss Alps - all in HD quality. This is an interactive training program in which the athlete runs, runs or wanders through real landscapes. The set-up box needs only with the TV home to be connected (AV or HDMI), the training data from the device is transmitted in wireless mode.
Treadmill TF40
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Vision Fitness treadmill TF 40, console Elegant. Tread 156 x 50 cm, electric motor having 3.0 horsepower continuous duty. Walking / running speed precisely adjustable from 0.8-20 km / h in 0.1 km increments. Electronic incline adjustment 0-15%. Elegant console 7 "full-color LCD display 7 and 11 programs, incl. Integrated reader holder.
SUPERSPORT treadmill X8300
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SUPERSPORT treadmill X8300 with LED PANEL, 238 x 88 x 168cm, weight 250 kg, max 15% incline, speed: 20km / h, hot keys for incline / speed to 3/6/9/12/15 tread: 160 × 58,5cm , engine power 2.2 kW, 4 hP, color: pearl black frame, user weight max .: 150Kg; integrated ventilation, Maintenance-free carpet of German production and Siemens converter, commercially available and suitable for the gym, power connection by customer, freight collect ex works
Treadmill Elite T5.1, black / silver, (L x B x H) 210x94,5x150 cm
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Treadmill Elite T5.1, black / silver, (L x B x H) 210x94,5x150 cm, 152 kg, max load capacity. 170 kg, Stahlt plastic, 153x50 cm tread 2,2 mm orthopedic belt for special joint-gentle running, continuous output of 2.5 hp / 1.84 kW with digital drive system, speed from 0.8 to 20 km / h Electronic tilt adjustment up to , including 20 programs 15%. 2 heart rate and 2 user programs
DHZ treadmill X8900
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kg ca 250 Maximum load 150 kg, speed of up to 20km / h, gradient to 15%, preset function than 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 (km /: DHZ treadmill X8900 with LED PANEL, 219 x 95 x 142cm, weight h or slope °), built-up ventilation / fan. Several pre-programmed workouts, motor power 2.2 KW. Without electricity, freight forward ex factory, gym fit.
T60 Treadmill
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Treadmill T60, black / silver, (L x B x H) 214 x 82 x 144 cm, 150 kg max load capacity. 159 kg, steel / plastic running surface (L x W) 160 x 51 cm, gradient 0 - 15%, speed 0.8 to 20 km / h motor 3 PS / 2.21 kW of continuous power, AC motor, motor control, PWM system, deck 2.5 cm, vorgewachst, maintenance-free, coated on both sides, Ultra attenuation zone cushioning Sytem, ??tape thickness 2 layers, 7.6 cm rolls
U.N.O treadmill LTX 4 Pro
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U.N.O treadmill LTX 4 Pro, pitch in 15 levels electronically adjustable speed from 0.8 to 18 km / h, Lauffläche148 x 52 cm, collapsible, max. User Weight 160 kg, pulse kg integrated Herzqfrequenzempfänger, hand pulse sensors, weight 115, home, or used in semi-professional companies gym
Horizon Fitness treadmill T7.1
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Horizon Fitness treadmill T7.1, Tread (L x H) 153 x 50 cm, foldable, gradient 0 - 15%, speed 0.8 to 20 km / h integrated transport rollers, continuous-duty motor 3.0 hp / 2.2 kW, 23 programs, weight 156 kg, max. User weight 180 kg
DHZ treadmill X8600
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DHZ treadmill X8600, with LED panel, 216 x 95 x 142cm. . Weight 230 kg, max 15% slope, Max Speed ??20 km / h, preset function than 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 (km / h or slope °) - Color: frame pearl black, Max Nutzergwicht 150kg engine power of 2.2KW, unfree at the production plant The engine is rated at 2.2KW. The device is equipped with maintenance-free carpet of German production and Mitsubishi converter without power supply. For commercial use / gyms. FREIGHT from the manufacturing plant in addition assembly costs
Treadmill Citta TT 5.0
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. Treadmill Citta TT 5.0, Weight 88 kg Dimensions (LxWxH) 180x84x132 cm, Max Benutzergewicht120 kg, Motorrleistung 1.5 hp, speed of 0.8 to 16 km / h tilt adjustment 0-10%, power: AC power (230 V), running surface (LxW) 127x46 cm, hinged Dimensions (LxWxH) 99x84x161 cm, Blacklit LCD window, long handrails, hand pulse sensors pulse receiver for chest strap (chest strap optional), transport rollers height adjustment, variable response cushioning (PRC), damping system, folding mechanism, water bottle holder slots, USB charging port, Black gold training computer: 8 training programs: Manual, speed interval target heart rate, weight reduction, target programs (distance, calories, steps), a fitness test (Gerkin) display of: time, distance, gradient, speed, calories, heart rate